Многолетние тайные пытки граждан
  Анкета в ООН для англоговорящих пострадавших граждан

Summary statement of victims of microwave attacks in the form of a table with a list of points, so that the judge can get an idea of the provided cases of crimes. Please answer the 18 questions and mark only those that relate directly to your situation. For questions about the refusal of assistance from professional groups or authorities or defined circles, it is enough to answer with the word "yes".

                Summery statement from a citizen of England

         last name                      first name                      year of birth                        country


1. Do you know any other victims in your family or in your circle of friends?  Yes            

Which of these attacks have you experienced or suffered? -                         X

2. Monitoring

3. Burglary/ housebreaking in the apartment/in the house/ on the way /in vacation

4. Harassment

5. Hacking of equipment or computer or email / database or personal pages

6. Financial or administrative terrorism

7. Sabotage of revenues/finances or blocking of cash flow

8. Sabotage of partnership / scandalous scenes between partners in the family

9. Energy weapon attacks

10. Biological warfare attacks

11. Implants

12. Voice - to- Skull (hearing voices in the head, transmitting other people's voices or sounds through the auditory canal)

13. Image-to-Skull (transfer of images or videos to the eyes)

14. Neuro - technological attacks

15. Attacks between generations (fracas between relatives and friends)

16. Did the police refuse to help you?

17. Did your lawyers refuse to help you?

18. Did the doctors refuse to help you?

I truly assure you: I confirm and testify that all the facts stated in my summary statement are true.


Date                                                              Sign 

To Prof. Nils Melzer

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner

For Human Rights (OHCHR)

Palais the Nations

C H-1211 Geneva10, Switzerland

Email : urgent-action@ohchr.org


Send your application by e-mail and by post with a notification!



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